UAM-V® Photochemical Modeling System
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Software updates, utilities, and sample jobs and data files are located here.

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READ_ME_Jan.15.04.txt This text file gives instructions on unpacking and installing UAM-V® version 1.31. [6 KB]

UAM-V131.tar.gz This compressed file contains UAM-V® version 1.31, including source code; sample input, output, and job files; and instructions on how to install and execute the code. (Updated with new sample output and readme file, 1/15/2004.) [43.4 MB]

sample_out.tar.gz This compressed file contains only the sample outputs of UAM-V® version 1.31. [5.6 MB]

src131.tar.gz This compressed file contains only the source code for version 1.31 of UAM-V®, for registered users who already have the data files that came with version 1.30. [257 KB]

UAM-V_1.31_user's guide.pdf User's guide for UAM-V® version 1.31. PDF format; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader . [815 KB]

prelnd.tar Sample software for converting GIS data into surface input files for UAM-V®. [5.3 MB]

Software to convert output from the RAMS meteorological model (version 3a) to the input files and formats required by UAM-V®. [31.2 KB]

UAM-V® v. 1.30 emissions speciation information. [140 KB]

Readme file also found in the tar archive above. [2 KB]

This compressed tar file contains source code and information necessary for converting fine-grid output files to a format comparable to coarse-grid output files. [3.7 MB]

This compressed tar file contains sample job files for saving process analyis information during a UAM-V® simulation. Also included is software to aid in displaying and analyzing the information. [19.4 MB]

Readme file also found in the tar archive above. [3 KB]

This compressed tar file includes software for preparing UAM-V® initial and boundary concentration files and some example jobs using the software. Documentation is included for the special features related to UAM-V®. [750 KB]

Installation instructions for uamvicbc.tar. [3 KB]

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