UAM-V® Photochemical Modeling System
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Here you will find descriptions of changes made to the UAMV® Web site.

08/18/06 Carbon Bond 5 (CB-5) chemical mechanism is now standard in UAM-V® 1.5; modeling has been conducted for several studies with this version. Note: current information about the CB-5 chemical mechanism is available to registered users on the Memos page.

05/03/04 'Prelnd' software, for creating surface files from GIS data, re-posted to site with new readme file included.


SAI Job Announcement posted on site.

01/15/04 UAM-V® v1.31 download package updated to include v1.31 sample outputs and new readme file.

09/25/03 FAQ page updated.

06/17/03 UAM-V® v1.31 sample outputs added to site.


Members-only Memos page added to site. First memo announces latest information about Carbon Bond 5 (CB-5) chemical mechanism.

08/26/02 FAQ page updated.

08/01/02 FAQ page updated.

07/24/02 UAM-V® version 1.31 and user's guide placed on site. New web site design and content implemented.

05/01/01 RAMS to UAM-V® conversion software placed on site.

04/03/01 Emission speciation information placed on site.

01/30/01 Extract code placed on site.

11/15/00 ADVISOR Demo placed on site.

09/28/00 New web site design and content implemented.